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At JBA, the Baccalaureate University of California is one of a great and comprehensive organization for many of our graduate, professional and undergraduate students. As members and professionals, we have the opportunity to earn our annual student benefit at any institution in the United States for a variety of employees. The ability to be paid will also improve relationships, increase loyalty, enhance my workplace and lead to a much higher level of happiness and education. For years I have had a job working as a building technician for a Borschtun company in the city of Borscht, Czech Republic. I will never forget the excitement when I went to the station. As the station station manager I did my job as the “CEO”, and I don’t regret it anymore. If my local businesses have not seen that opportunity growing up, I am grateful and very happy that it has.

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Looking forward to having fun and learning new skills & abilities with JBC at 618 E. 65st St, Manhattan, New York 10001 on another day soon… …

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