What is the SHRM-CP? The Short Term Medical Reputation Management Certification Program was established in 2021 by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). This Certification Program was created to enhance the monitoring, tracking, and appraisals of the performance of health care workers who are certified with the SHRM-CP. In short, the SHRM-CP covers six important areas in the field of medical health care professions such as:

o Human Resource Management. This area is related to the activities of hiring, promoting, managing, and training individuals who work in the field of human resource management. It covers the activities of recruitment and selection, placement, appraisals, promotions and remuneration, interviewing, hiring and developing, training, and benefits administration.

o Employee Supervisors. Employees who work in a human resources department have to be qualified and trained to perform their respective roles. Employees in a human resources department are the ones responsible for dealing with the recruitment, hiring, coaching, managing, and training of employees. Employees in the HR department should be certified to perform their role. If not, they may receive a lower salary or promotions.

o Nursing Supervisors. In addition to the role of nursing personnel, these people also work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and other health care facilities. To obtain the certification, they must pass the Human Resources Management (HRM) Examination for Federal Certified Nursing Assistant (FCNA).

o Marketing/Advertising Specialists. Specialists in the area of marketing, advertising, and the promotion of companies are also called HR professionals. They are responsible for setting the company’s goals and objectives, as well as creating policies to achieve those goals. To become a marketing/advertising specialist, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

o Finance Supervisors. The responsibilities of finance supervisors include planning, organizing, and analyzing financial transactions, evaluating financial information, and implementing strategies. Some of the financial duties of a finance supervisor include budgeting, allocation of resources, management of cash flow, allocation of workers and materials, development and implementation of human resource management plans, and maintenance of accounting records. To gain the certification, you need to pass the SHRM-CP: Human Resource Management Certification.

o Finance Professionals. Financial professions include banks, investment banks, insurance companies, financial planners, and securities agents. To gain the financial professions certification, you need to pass the SHRM-CP: Financial Professionals Certification.

o Human Resources Managers. HR managers are responsible for overall staffing and recruiting, hiring practices, performance management, benefits and employee relations. HR managers can also be involved in recruitment, training and development, managing benefits, hiring and firing, performance management. To gain the certification, you need to pass the SHRM-CP: Human Resource Management Certification. To ensure that you get only the highest level of certification, it is important that you work with a licensed and certified professional.

o Nursing Professionals. Nursing is a demanding profession but an excellent one at that. Nursing is the first healing art and therefore demands knowledge and skills. To become a nurse, you need to be certified through the SHRM-CP: Registered Nurse Certification. You can either sit for the exam straight away or do it through an accredited online program.

For Health Care Providers. Health care providers play an important role in ensuring people get proper medical attention and they are able to overcome their health challenges. In order to be certified as a health care provider, you need to pass the SHRM-CP: Health Care Provider Certification.

o Medical Assistants. Medical assistants perform clinical tasks like taking vital signs of patients, documenting medical histories, drawing blood, and preparing laboratory specimens. They help doctors by performing basic health screening and take appointments. In order to become a medical assistant, you need to be certified through the SHRM-CP: Medical Assistant Certification.

These are some of the certification programs offered by the Commission on International and Trans-regional Cooperation (CRTAC). If you have already passed the exam, then you are already half way into your career as a health care professional. Keep in mind though that every country has its own requirements when it comes to certification. Consult your national board of exams or healthcare provider for specific requirements. You will need to take the appropriate courses so you can pass the certification exams and become certified.