As a Campaign Architect, you‘ll be joining an elite group in Chicago that specializes in delivering key organizational initiatives. With your primary duty as a Salesforce Architect, you’ll be responsible for the implementing on-the-job configuration, support, enhancement and maintenance of CRM system. As the architect, you’ll work with salespeople and other business associates to provide solutions and build functionality. However, as the person who implements the solutions, your role is critical. As a salesperson, client and analyst, it’s vital that you possess the skills and knowledge required to deal effectively with these highly complex tasks.

The role of campaign architect is relatively simple: implement the necessary functionality and make necessary changes to existing processes or create new processes to ensure the highest ROI. Since the architect plays such an important role, candidates with at least two years experience are highly preferred. You should also possess exceptional analytical and interpersonal skills.

Training and certification programs are available for architects who want to secure their career growth and increase their value in the sales organization. With a comprehensive training program, candidates are trained to fulfill the role of architect while enhancing their selling skills and developing leadership qualities to lead sales people. A comprehensive training program ensures a high level of competency and provides best practice scenarios to test and develop the candidate’s sales skills.

Once hired as an architect, your primary responsibilities will involve integrating CRM and leveraging all relevant data to forecast sales activities. You’ll need to customize and implement advertising campaigns to reach the right audiences and follow up with customers to encourage repeat purchases. You must demonstrate excellent customer service skills to boost sales. In addition, your architect should be capable of working as part of a large sales team and understand technical requirements. In addition, the architect is expected to have extensive experience in digital media and creative online marketing.

As part of the role, the architect must possess creative and technical skills to successfully execute campaigns on a global scale. He/she must create effective campaign strategy and ad planning. Your campaign team must consist of a qualified, talented, and knowledgeable team of sales professionals who will work together to assess your current situation and come up with innovative solutions to the problems you’re facing. The architect must also be skilled in search engine optimization, web promotion, PPC, and SEO. In addition, he/she must be able to handle projects ranging from small business start-up to full-scale enterprise architecture projects.

If you’re looking to hire a candidate with such a distinguished professional profile, consider hiring them as an individual consultant. It’s always best to hire an individual with significant experience so that the architect can offer you the kind of comprehensive service you need to improve your overall sales performance. This option allows you to keep control over the hiring process and ensures that the candidate truly specializes in the field. You can save money by having the architect recruit team members on their own. This also gives you the assurance that only quality candidates will be employed.

Another thing to consider when hiring an architect for your campaign is whether they’re familiar with your industry or business. In order to have a successful online marketing campaign, an in-house team is almost always better than a hired expert. When you outsource campaign planning and development, the architect must have a deep understanding of your target market. He/she should have an extensive knowledge of the business practices related to your industry. Being familiar with the competition and the latest trends will help him/her develop strategies that will make your business stand out from your competition.

Overall, choosing to hire an architectural firm to develop your next campaign instead of hiring a campaign manager directly is more advantageous. The architect will know how to manage your online marketing efforts while still giving you the freedom to choose the specific techniques you need to use. However, it is important to ensure that you do not overspend on hiring a firm because it may cost you in the long run. It is best to compare costs of different firms so that you can get a suitable firm that will give you the best results.