CompTIA Project+ certification is a globally accepted qualification recognized by thousands of companies in more than 200 countries. CompTIA Project+ certification is intended to train people for a career in IT field. This certification shows project managers how to organize a large-scale, complex IT project from start to finish, in the most efficient possible way. Project+ certification holders also possess business acumen, project management skills and communicative skill to successfully deliver even small to mid-sized projects.

Project+ certification proves that project managers have the knowledge, skills and expertise to execute best practices within an organization. On completion of CompTIA Project+ examination, project managers are able to demonstrate how they have learned best practices from an array of disciplines in information technology, project management, and software engineering. Most importantly, they are able to prove that they have implemented best practices in their organization, and have improved company profitability.

A CompTIA Project+ certification allow aspiring employees to pursue the best careers available in today’s market. When choosing careers in IT, the CompTIA Project+ exam proves that candidates have the best business practices and information technology skills necessary to succeed. It also proves that they are aware of the best practices in project management and quality assurance at all levels of an organization. Candidates with a CompTIA Project+ certification are more likely to be hired and given raises and promotions at work. They are also more likely to get the projects they desire.

The goal of the CompTIA Project+ certification is to teach project managers how to make the most of their organization’s resources. The exam tracks a project manager’s understanding and proficiency in areas such as human resources; software design and implementation; security; and work flow. Each section is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the most important elements in the best practices scope of a particular area of expertise. The four primary sections are Rapid Application Development, Software Quality Assurance, and Security Assurance. Each section requires a candidate to demonstrate that he or she is able to successfully manage each area.

The best practice of course is to complete the entire CompTIA Project+ certification online as the various subjects discussed in detail require comprehensive knowledge. Learning online provides candidates with self-paced flexibility and allows them to review lessons as they progress through the life cycle of a project. In addition, the online format enables a candidate to review previously taken exams and refresh his or her knowledge with updated guidance and examples.

Each examination in the life cycle of a project requires certain prerequisite skills. Candidates wishing to be certified in the CompTIA Project+ must pass two CompTIA Project+ Certifications Test, a two-hour written examination, and a one-hour hands-on practice exam. The first examination is a great way for experienced project managers to refresh their knowledge on specific areas, while those new to the field can learn from the one-hour practice exam. Both exams must be passed before a candidate will be considered for certification.

In order to prepare for the CompTIA Project+ certification prerequisites, individuals can take a CompTIA A+, CompTIA C+, or CompTIA Project+ practice test. Test takers can also study by downloading CompTIA Project+ Certification topics and materials, reviewing books and articles about the latest versions of the CompTIA Project+ exams, and obtaining hands-on practice on the exam. It is recommended that individuals review their study materials monthly and update their notes regularly as they come across new topics that they need more information on. By taking a few small steps to prepare ahead of time, most people can easily meet all of the necessary requirements for passing the CompTIA Project+ certification exam.

Completing the necessary prerequisites for passing the CompTIA Project+ certification requires individuals to have a quality project life cycle management plan, accurate estimates, a sound implementation plan, and accurate reporting skills. Individuals who are attempting to earn CompTIA Project+ certifications should develop a comprehensive project life cycle plan and complete detailed project documentation prior to taking the CompTIA Project+ certification exams. Taking these steps will ensure that individuals have everything they need to pass the examination and gain entry into the highly respected CompTIA Project+ field.