SHRM-CMS and SHRM-SCP: Know More About Their Certification Processes

SHRM-CMS and SHRM-SCP: Know More About Their Certification Processes
The concept of the “SHRM-SCP” and how it relates to HR professionals and their employers are relatively new to many. Most people have become familiar with the acronym HRM (Human Resource Management) and its related acronyms such as HRO (Human Resource Organizations) or HP (Human Resource Planning). When we hear the term “HRM”, what comes into our minds? Most people think of it as an organization that manages all human resources like hiring, firing, managing the overall personnel processes, compensation and benefits along with managing the recruitment process. The term itself implies management.

So what is the difference between an “HRM” and a “SHRM” or a “hr department”? The difference between these two entities is as follows: An “HRM” is the broader term while the latter is narrower in its scope. The former covers areas such as hiring, promotion, training and development, salary policies, compensations and benefits, working environments, health and safety etc. while the latter encompasses only those specific areas mentioned. Hence, both terms can be used interchangeably but when we refer to “a certification for the senior professional”, it indicates the certification by an external body recognized by the company to fulfill the requirements of the respective company.

So how does the “SHRM” or the “board certified senior professional in engineering certifications” differ from “HRM”? First of all, there is no governing body that governs these certification exams. Just like any other professional certification, there are certain standards to which the engineering certifications have to adhere. This ensures that the professionals involved in these examinations are best qualified to deliver their duties. Another important point is that the examinations are conducted by third parties and not by the companies themselves.

There are two kinds of these examinations that you can undertake if you want to get a certification: Regular and Special. The former covers only the previous two years of work at the company while the latter covers more than two years. If you are planning on getting a special certification, then you would have to pass three HRM exams. Of course, companies offering this kind of certification also offer the Regular SHRM certification for their employees. Therefore, it is advisable for you to first decide what kind of SHRM-SCP that you are interested in.

If you want to become a Senior Certified Professional in human resources, then getting the certification is a must. In fact, this qualification is required before you can take up employment in the human resources field. It is a proven fact that only the best candidates are hired by most companies due to the fact that only the ones who have been certified to have proper competencies and are highly knowledgeable about their job.

Since there are many benefits of becoming a certified solutions specialist, many companies consider this option first. In addition to being a great investment, certification also offers a number of benefits. The certification will help you get more opportunities and improve your pay while also giving you the privilege of specializing in something you really love and are quite passionate about.

In addition to this, becoming certified in the areas of HRM, SCM and CMM will also make you more eligible for promotion or for a higher paying position. As mentioned earlier, getting the certification will also entitle you to valuable knowledge and experience that you can definitely use in your job. Moreover, the certification proves that you already possess the necessary competencies in terms of learning new things and acquiring new skills. This is very important as employers prefer to hire those individuals who already possess the necessary knowledge and skills to perform specific tasks.

The entire duration of the certification process will take about two years on average. It can also take longer if you want to be certified in several subjects. One thing you need to remember is that it is not compulsory to have your certification when applying for jobs in the field of medical gas and engineering. However, it is highly recommended so that you will be able to distinguish yourself from the rest of your peers. Also, the examination is available only once and you do not need to take it every year.