Why Get a Certified Meeting Professional?

Why Get a Certified Meeting Professional?
The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) title means that you’ve completed an educational requirement to become a certified meeting professional and that you possess a certain set of skills to enable you to provide quality meeting management services. For many corporate clients, having the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) title means that you’re a highly-qualified event manager and you’ve completed a certain number of required courses and exams to earn that title. More often than not, corporate clients are inclined to hire a certified meeting professional (CMP) rather than any other qualified event manager, because this signals to them that – among other things – you’re an experienced and reputable professional. But how much can the title “Certified Meeting Professional” actually mean?

Well, for starters, it doesn’t actually mean anything. Simply put, the CMP designation isn’t a license to do business. The CMP exam is merely one step on the ladder to make your best practices and good event planning practices recognized in the eyes of convention planners, management consultants, corporate event planners and, most important, event professionals in general. To be considered a “Certified Meeting Professional” requires that certain standards be met.

A CMP-HC course is generally taken online. It’s typically administered by a professional training provider. The course material is designed to prepare you to pass the CMP exam on the following questions: What are the objectives of successful event planning? What do professional event planners do? How do they differ from regular planners?

Passing the CMP-HC certification exam does not grant you a certificate. You’ll need to take the exams again until you become certified, even after having passed the first time. To become a certified meeting professional must fulfill a series of continuing education requirements, administered by a professional training provider.

Event professionals who want to excel in their field and achieve career success within the hospitality industry should consider spending the necessary time to achieve their CMP designation. The certification exam is one step towards making your name known as one of the top event management professionals in your local area. Earning the designation as a CMP-HW can also lead to additional opportunities such as special projects assignments or a job with a conference or convention center.

Becoming a certified meeting professional doesn’t necessarily mean that all your efforts and hard work will pay off. You still need to continually educate yourself about the industry standards. This will help you keep abreast of new trends and developments in your industry. While event planning and managing are always evolving, staying on top of the latest industry standards ensures that your clients and employers will be impressed with your skills. It also helps you build your own resume which highlights your ability to maintain industry standards and handle oneself professionally.

Becoming a certified meeting professional doesn’t stop with the education program you choose. In order to take the actual certification exam, you will need to pass the examination provided by the professional testing services. These services will administer the exam, which consists of multiple choice questions that cover knowledge about event planning, administration, marketing, and finance. Passing this certification exam is not an easy task as it normally takes several months before you will receive your certificate. It’s quite possible for some professionals to receive their certificate after only one year of attending training. There are also several other professional organizations in the US which recognize a designation called the CMP, and they have also started certifying their own members.

Some of the most important objectives of getting a CMP certification are to enhance the knowledge and performance of meeting professionals, promote the status and credibility of the meeting industry, increase the productivity and facilitate efficiency. The certification does not only benefit the individuals who have earned it but also serves the industry as a whole. With the certification, the professionals are able to access a number of opportunities which would otherwise not be available to them. This enables the people to progress within the events industry and open new doors for themselves. In short, getting a CMP certification proves that the individual has acquired an impressive level of professional experience and knowledge about the industry.