An American Association of Sexuality Educators (AASE) Certification is a nationally recognized qualification that provides proof that sex educators have a specific level of knowledge in the field of sex therapy, sexual education, and sexual behavior modification. In addition to the sex therapist’s knowledge and training, an AASE Certification is an affirmation of your excellence in the field. The benefits of becoming an AASE certified sex therapist are many. Some of these benefits include:

Professional Cost: Like most professional licenses in the United States, the cost of becoming an AASE certification is relatively expensive. Usually, a candidate must pay for their own clinical studies or the cost of taking an examination and related materials. There is also a professional cost for the development of a Sexual Behavior Questionnaire for the National Certification Board for Therapists and the development of the written diagnostic evaluation. If a candidate chooses not to pay for their own certification, they will still be required to pay the exam fee.

Exam Fee: The fee for this certification is usually done in three parts: the written examination, the clinical assessment and the written report. Candidates will be required to take a series of written exams. Upon successfully passing the written exam, candidates will then have to take the clinical assessment which will determine if they meet the requirements to become a Registered Sex Therapist. Once the requirements are met, the candidate will be issued a Professional Certificate for Sexual Education and Therapy and will be required to pay a registration fee.

App Fee: Similar to the clinical assessment, the App Fee is determined by the APA’s Professional Fee Schedule. Candidates wishing to become Registered Sex Therapists will need to pay an additional two hundred and fifty dollars for the exam fee. The APA also has a policy regarding the payment of the App Fee; it is recommended that the individuals applying for the certificate to pay the entire amount in one payment. Once the money is received, all future App Fees will be applied to that same amount. In addition to the professional fee and the App Fee, clients will be required to pay a one-time set up fee for their computer system and twenty-four hour telephone assistance. For any questions about the APA membership, registration, or the application process, they can be contacted at the main office located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Project Management and App Fee: Many of the programs offered by the American Association of Sexuality Educators will include a project management and/or app fee. When analyzing the cost of a certification program, it is important to remember that individuals who choose this line of work have years of experience in their field, therefore they already have the necessary qualifications and work experience to adequately complete this type of program. Those who chose to pursue this certification are likely already aware of the many benefits of their chosen career and their knowledge in a particular area.

As previously stated, clients applying for certification must pay the application fee and the professional cost. If a person decides to take the exam fee on their own, they should be aware of the eligibility requirements that may differ from one state to another. This information should also be reviewed with their local LMS before the certification application.

As previously stated, those applying for the AASET certification exam fee will receive their certification card upon successful completion of the course. The four95 app fee will be due at the time of submission. Individuals who are renewing their membership will be required to pay a renewal application fee. The AASET provides detailed instructions on the application process and the payment process. In addition to the application fee and the four95 exam fee, clients will be expected to pay the professional cost plus the applicable sales tax.

Each state’s requirements for AASET certification will vary. However, all states require that prospective candidates pass the written portion of the exam, as well as a practice test. Successful candidates will be issued their official certification cards. Each state will list the name of the issuing agency along with the name and address of the applicant. The receipt of the certification card is usually sent via email.