Key Accountant Certification Program (KAP) is an accreditation program for accountants. It has been in existence since 1986. By becoming a certified accountant you can have the opportunity to be employed in a variety of capacities and for various employers. It is also the most popular professional degree among young people who are looking for ways to earn a certificate. KAP is not only important for accountants but also for lawyers, architects, insurance adjusters and real estate agents.

The American Association of Professional Accountants (AAPA) is the governing body of the accounting profession in the United States. They maintain a website that provides all the information necessary for applying for their training programs. You need to be enrolled in their training or examination program before applying for a certification. It costs almost $150 to apply for the exam and the application fee is non-refundable. Some states require applicants to pay a fee for the training and examination.

The American Association of Professional Accountants (AAPA) offers various levels of Key Accountant Certification Programs. These levels are Certified Accountant (GC), Certified Manager (M), Registered Assistant (RAs) and Key Senior Accountant (KAS). Candidates applying for the GC should be knowledgeable about business law, management accounting principles and taxation. Candidates applying for the M and RAs must have at least five years of experience working in an office of accountant and be eligible for a KAS certification. The candidates applying for the KAS must have at least three years of accounting experience.

To apply for the certification you need to pay the fees. The application fee covers the examination fee, training and development fee and the human resources cost. As the candidate you pay the certification fee. The amount of certification depends on the exam fee. In most cases candidates who successfully complete the exam fee and the application fee are awarded the certification.

A candidate can take the exams once he/she is qualified for the certification. Candidates should not take the exam fee for the first certifications. Candidates will receive an enrollment notice in the coming time period. Candidates need to register with the institution before the exam fee is due for the examination. They will receive a confirmation for enrollment after successful completion of the examination.

Candidates can get the Key Accountant certifications by attending courses offered by professional institutions. Online learning programs are also offered by many organizations. Candidates may follow any method to get the certifications such as classroom learning, seminars and workshops. Online courses will provide candidates with practical training in relation to accounting and will provide them with career counseling and support. Candidates who successfully complete the certification will receive the Oracle certified developer cost.

The requirements to get the certification include passing of the examination and paying the certification fee. Before you select the institute to attend the program, you should check the professional fee being charged for the program. Some institutes offer the Key Accountant Certification for free while some of the institutes charge the professional cost of the certification. The candidate should make sure that the professional fee for the certification is reasonable or else he/she can opt for other institutes offering the certification for free. The candidate will also be able to upgrade his/her professional credential at the end of the certification.

As per the regulations, the certification fees may vary from one institute to another. The candidate can select the institute after comparing the exam fee and other details such as the program duration and exam pattern. The institute selected by the candidate should offer the course materials in the online format. In this format, the candidates can study their jobs without the need to attend the classes. This enables them to gain knowledge about the new job easier and at a cheaper rate.