Top Six Exams Offered by Oracle Certification Services Provider

Top Six Exams Offered by Oracle Certification Services Provider
Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) comes in handy if you want to be an Oracle Certified Professional Trainer. This is one of the main certifications offered by Oracle. This certification helps in providing you with the knowledge and abilities required to help people who are into Information Technology (IT) and who are aiming for careers in Information Technology (IT). Oracle Certified Professional also builds upon the basic technical skills demonstrated by the OCA.

To be an Oracle Certified Professional, you need to pass the recommended training. Oracle is a client-oriented company hence it follows the highest standards of excellence. To be able to pass the required exams, you need to undergo proper teaching and training. This will give you the skills that will allow you to be a better Oracle Professional. The Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certifies a professional’s skills through successfully passing ten exams, which are based on Oracle Technical Guide. These exams cover areas such as Programming, Database Design & Administration, Architecture and Development, Data Storage and Administration, Internet Information Services, Project Management, and Performance Analysis.

Oracle Certified Professional – Database Design and Administration Exam 1Z0-809 This course covers topics in Database design and administration. This certification is recommended for Oracle professional developers who need to install and manage Oracle databases. The course includes lectures and lab exercises on Database design and administration. The topics are Database design and administration, object orientation and programming, database administration, performance evaluation, and security. The exam includes one hour multiple choice questions, and the student must score at least seventy points to pass.

Oracle Certified Professional – Project Manager Exam 11G There is another certification in this series. The course covers topics on Oracle Project Manager. The Project Manager role is very important in Oracle. In the Project Manager role, a project manager ensures the proper coordination among team members. With this certification, an individual can demonstrate that he has the experience necessary to effectively coordinate projects in real world business situations. The course includes lessons in Database management, designing and managing databases, testing and debugging, and using the Structured Query Language (SQL).

Oracle Certified Professional – Database Administrator Exam 11G The third course covers Oracle Database Administrator role. A database administrator is responsible for supporting database applications by providing users access and modify data. With this certification, a person is able to demonstrate he has the expertise required to effectively work as a database administrator. The exam page includes nine multiple-choice questions. The test includes five sample questions and the student must correctly answer all five to pass.

Oracle Certification – Database Administrator Exam 10B The fourth course covers Oracle Database Administrator role. This role is a crucial one. This role enables an individual to effectively run Oracle databases on a server, including administering backup procedures. The candidate must demonstrate that he or she has the skills necessary to set up and maintain Oracle databases. The test consists of five multiple-choice questions plus a writing test.

Oracle Certification – Oracle Server Expertise Exam 10D The fifth course covers Oracle Server Expertise. Oracle is one of the most widely used database administrator tools worldwide. This type of certification allows an individual to demonstrate that he or she has the skills to efficiently handle database issues including support, maintenance, and deployment. The test consists of three multiple-choice questions and will determine if the candidate has the knowledge to implement and troubleshoot Oracle servers.

Oracle Certified Professional – Performance-Based Exam CD-ROM Oracle recommends prospective candidates that complete performance-based Oracle exams. This helps candidates get familiarized with performance tuning, database tuning, and data analysis tools. The exams also provide hands-on practice and prepare candidates for more rigorous Oracle certification exams, such as Oracle Professional Service certifications. The exams are available in different versions for professionals starting from basic to expert level. Candidates can choose to take exams from written materials or from tutorials online.