Top HR organizations offer human resource certifications and thereby assist you gain valuable credentials in the job market. These certifications validate credentials that prove your skills in various fields of HR. The HRD certification program from IDP is one of the few nationally recognized certifications which not only helps you gain valuable employment opportunities but also enhance your career prospects. Apart from this there are numerous other certifications such as the International Recruitment Association (IRA) Employment Services Specialist (ES) and International Employment Network (IAN).

If you want to get yourself certified then choosing a particular human resource certifications provider is very important. You will find several providers offering these certifications across the nation. So, it is best to choose a reputable provider who can provide you with a wide range of offerings. You should always look for a provider who is able to meet your needs and wants, whether it is for individual careers or for a specific industry or sector. It is advisable to take some time out to research on your options before deciding on a particular provider of certification.

Some of the common human resource certifications offered by sphr include: Financial Analyst, HR Planner, and HR Executive. The financial analyst focuses on preparing comprehensive employee compensation packages; this includes calculation of retirement pay and financial plans, and development of employee incentive programs. A part of the financial analyst’s responsibility is to prepare the documentation necessary for an employee to qualify for retirement benefits.

The HR planning certification allows graduates to demonstrate their ability to develop plans that would help employers reach their stated goals. These plans would have inputs from employees and would be analyzed by the HR professional. Graduates would also be able to show their capability of motivating others to achieve company objectives. Prospective employers are sure to choose HR professionals with these human resource certifications when hiring new employees.

Another type of certification that is quite popular among potential employers is the HR executive certification. This kind of certification requires human resource professionals to train under an experienced professional. Graduates will learn how to deal with employees and employers in a professional manner. They will also be able to show their understanding and familiarity with many employment laws and their legal rights as well.

The National Council for Higher Education Professionals (NCHEPR) conducts the top five quick certifications that are required by employers. These include the Certified Human Resource Specialist (CHRS) certification, the Human Resources Associate (HRA) test, the senior professional human resource specialist (SPHR) exam, and the Certified Human Resource Specialist (CHRS) exam. NCHEPR conducts the exams three times each year. In addition, several workshops are conducted to help people prepare for the exams.

All these exams cost $75 for a candidate to take and they are available to all eligible candidates who wish to become certified. There is no requirement for potential candidates to have been employed in the field as of the date of application. However, the Human Resource Department may require an application fee if the person is chosen for the certification.

Candidates applying for the certification must first complete the application. After this, they must wait for the results. Once the certification has been awarded, it can be renewed or removed depending on the activities of the individual. If it is not renewed, the individual will have to pay an application fee. Those who successfully renew their certification have the option to change their title from Certified Human Resources Specialist to Professional Human Resource Specialist or to reapply for the certification.