Tips For Improving Your Choices in Oracle Certified Professional

Tips For Improving Your Choices in Oracle Certified Professional
Oracle Certified Professional (OC) is an introductory-level certification for Java developers. It enables you to build a basic foundational understanding of the programming language while further expanding your knowledge of higher level programming languages. This type of certification is good for both technical specialists (those with many years of experience) and novices who wish to pursue a career in Java development. Those with many years of industry experience can opt for the Professional certifications, which is a bit more specialized in nature.

To qualify for the Oracle Certified Professional credential, you need to pass two exams – the Oracle 80K Expertise Exam and the Oracle 95K Expertise Exam. These two exams contain different tests and different levels of difficulty. If you are new to Java development, the Professional certifications will be more suited to your needs. For those who are experienced and comfortable with more advanced Java development platforms, the Oracle Certified Professional (OC) certifications are best for them.

Now that there are more than one job market for Oracle Certified Professionals, companies have started offering different certifications tailored to suit different job markets. Therefore, if you are a newbie and looking forward to joining a large company, you would be better off getting the Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS) certification. This credential is especially useful when companies are looking for Oracle experts in their core markets.

If you are looking forward to joining an organization that needs professionals in Java development, you may also earn the Oracle Linux Certified Developer (LCDD) certification. The LCDD exam costs slightly more than the OCS exam, but it is worth the price. You will earn the credential not only after passing the exam, but also after paying a renewal fee every three years, upon reaching your age limit of 50.

When it comes to choosing the right Oracle certification, you need to look at both the exams and the courses offered. When choosing an Oracle course for yourself, try to pick one that contains two exams that cover different topics. Two exams, with different topics included, means you have an extra piece of information to sharpen your skills on when you take the exam. It means that you would have to spend less time studying for the exam, thereby improving your overall learning experience. By taking two exams, you will also get the chance to sharpen your skills on Oracle technologies that matter in your career.

Once you have picked the right course, you can then start preparing for the exam by learning all you can about the specific subjects covered in the examination. Before you do anything else, find free time and devote some time to your preparation. Remember that the exam is not meant to be easy and all you need to do is to be dedicated and focused. You can also hire an Oracle consultant who will help you manage your course preparation. He can suggest to you topics and materials that you can use for the exam.

If you cannot pay for a consultant, you may also consider buying reference books about Oracle. You should learn what specific topics are covered in the exam so that you will know which parts of the reference book to study. If you do not pass the exam for being able to comprehend the material, then it means that you have really not understood one single topic in Oracle or you are not ready enough for it. The reference book is your last chance to score points for your Java programmer certification exam.

Another method for you to improve your chances for a passing score on this certification exam is by taking practice exams. There are several websites today where you can take practice exams for this certification and then try to answer them under test-like conditions. Doing so will boost your confidence about your knowledge about the subject and you may end up with a passing score much higher than the usual one. This is another method by which you may improve your choices for the right answers in this certification training program.