The Three Levels of Microsoft Certification

The Three Levels of Microsoft Certification
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certification is a kind of professional development training. This kind of training is meant to train and certify professionals on Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers or MCSEs are highly sought after workers nowadays, not just because of their expertise in software development but because of their skills in other Microsoft technologies too. With this MCSE certification, a person is assured of his ability in the Microsoft technologies. This means that even though the person does not have any formal technical experience at all in the Microsoft technologies, he has learned all the things that are needed to be learned.

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certifications are meant for professionals and developers, while Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MITP) certification is meant for IT professionals. So far as the certifications are concerned, it does not come without the human cost. In order to get the certification, a candidate has to pass and follow a series of test and exams. The tests cover different areas of Microsoft technologies, which include, but are not limited to:

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCS): This is the second highest level of certification. To get this certification, a person needs to pass the certification exam with flying colors. Once he passes the test, he would become an eligible candidate to get the Microsoft certified systems engineer (MCS). To qualify for this kind of professional certification, one needs to be a graduate of BS Computer Science or BS Information Technology. Otherrequisites for this certification are MCSE, Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows 2021 Professional, and other operating system requirements.

Microsoft Certified Desktop Systems Engineer (MCD): The third highest level of certification is the Microsoft Certified Desktop Systems Engineer (MCD-E). This certification is usually held by program testers who work for the Microsoft testing services company. If you want to be in this kind of testing team, you need to master all the Microsoft certification exams first. The examination consists of four sub examinations which cover various functional areas such as the Windows installation, programming, performance optimization, and security functionalities. If you pass the exam, you will become qualified to work as a program tester for Microsoft. For this certification, four sub exams are required, and they cost almost $600.

Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCP): Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCP) is the top level of certification. To be eligible for this certification, you need to have more than a year of experience in using Microsoft products. This kind of certification also costs almost $600. Once you become a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist, you can work on any Microsoft products you like.

Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCP) requires a higher passing grade than Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) because the former covers more than just application development. Basically MCPD is the test that covers Microsoft tools for specific business applications. So, to be able to pass this kind of test, you need to be aware of every detail about each of Microsoft products. Microsoft Certified Professional Developer is a bit cheaper than MCPD because the examination contains multiple-choice section, which makes it easier for students to understand the exam fee structure. You can also expect a smaller number of questions when taking the exam.

Microsoft Certified Information Systems Consultant (MISC) is the second level of certification. Like the CTP exam, this certification requires you to pass an exam fee of at least $600. In addition to information systems design and development, this certification provides information about Microsoft’s information security, which includes reviewing topics on implementing antivirus software, managing network security, and handling network environment. If you want to be in this line of work, it is important to master the basics of information systems and programming, as well as a few other programs.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) is the third level of certification. The exam fee of this certification is a bit higher than the other certifications, but this is because this certification is focused on a specific technology. You can expect this certification to provide you with more detailed information than any of the previous ones. On top of the detailed information provided by the exams, if you pass this certification, you can also expect to earn a higher professional cost.