Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently held their annual Global Convention on Education and Technology. At the conference, they announced that they are once again offering the prestigious Harvard Innovation Fund. This program is a joint effort between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This initiative seeks to support and spur innovations in the teaching, research, and technology fields. The goal is to provide an open access network for innovators globally.

What is involved? Just as the original program had been, this one too requires applicants to fulfill a number of prerequisite exams and complete a myriad of assignments before they can be considered for acceptance into the Harvard Innovation Fund. These include the core courses required at any university. Upon successfully completing these courses, applicants will be required to take a practice exam, as well as a final project. The latter is the “meditations” section that will test both their creativity and their technical knowledge. Following the exam, the chosen students will receive their respective certificates.

For those who have already completed their undergraduate studies at Cambridge, the MCSE or Windows Server certification exam fee is not as big a deal. However, if you are still a student at Harvard and would like to obtain both the MCSE and the ITIL certification, it will cost you about $uffs. Harvard does not require any payment for these certifications, although they do require that the students agree to reciprocate whenever they obtain a certification from another institution.

There is also no limit on the number of times you can take the exams. In case you would like to pursue a Master’s degree in any of the engineering disciplines, you can take the exams for each of the four disciplines once you have reached the associate degree level. On the other hand, the ITIL certifications can only be taken once. This means that even if you have already obtained your bachelor’s degree and your master’s degree, you can still take up ITIL certification courses.

The exams for the ITIL certification is relatively easy, particularly compared to the Microsoft qualified exams. There are three types of ITIL certifications – professional, specialist and board certified professional. There are numerous boards that certify individuals in this discipline. These boards are: ITIL Foundation, IITB Electronic Certifying System, and the London School of Economics Information Systems Certification.

One more difference between the Harvard Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificates and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Millionaire Business Club) certification is the level of independence required of the candidates for the latter. Candidates who have passed the professional exams need not take up ITIL certification just to pursue their career as consultants. Those who have the two certifications, however, need to take up a job as a senior professional or a consultant in ITIL. It is because of this that there is an hourly ITIL certification application fee. Candidates who are interested in pursuing careers in the information systems field should therefore consider the hourly ITIL certification application fee as a requisite to pursue a career in the IT industry.

The third certification in ITIL, which requires an application fee is the Practitioner’s Examination. Candidates who successfully complete the Practitioner’s Examination are awarded the ITIL Practitioner’s Status. The number of passing marks is the basis on which the score is calculated. For every five marks scored by the candidate, he or she would be granted a silver diploma.

In addition, there are numerous ITIL certification exams that are offered by various colleges and institutions. Candidates with an intention to pursue careers as IT Consultants may take up the exams offered by Ivy Tech International. At Harvard University, one can take up the exams offered by the Institute of Education in IT. Candidates seeking a higher level of certification, however, may choose to join the Institute of Management Accountancy or the Center for Information Technology Certification.

Another exam that ITIL certification candidates are required to take up is the Associate Safety Professional Certification. This examination is taken after successful completion of the Practitioner’s examination. Applicants may either pass this exam or be required to pay an application fee. Individuals may also choose to take up the General Technology Association exam.

There are numerous organizations that offer training and certification. Candidates who wish to pursue a career in the IT sector may check out the Boston College ITIL site. The site offers detailed information about ITIL courses and exams. To access the site, a person needs to log in using a secure Internet service. Once, a person logs in, he or she can check out the various options that are available in terms of ITIL courses at different colleges in Massachusetts.