Professional Services With AWS Certification

Professional Services With AWS Certification
Getting certified in the field of cloud computing with Amazon Web Service is very simple and not expensive. When you are certified, you can take advantage of new job offers, increased salary and more. So what are the benefits to becoming an AWS certified solutions architect?

AWS is a big name in the market for providing cloud services. However, it doesn’t give you a pass to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect just because you have been trained to build and manage applications using the AWS platform. You still need to have a certain level of experience in order to perform some of the job requirements. AWS offers some training and certification courses on their website that will help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to perform in-depth project management functions.

There are also some hidden advantages to taking the certification exam. If you already work for an IT company or a consulting firm, then the chance of you getting certified by AWS is almost 100 percent. When you get certified, you can leverage your certification and help the company you work for a show that they are using the right kind of technology. That is a great way to impress your clients and become a sought after member of the team. Some of the companies that are looking for AWS Certified Solutions Architects include:

Even though there are some hidden advantages to AWS, the biggest one is getting certified by AWS. When you are certified by AWS, you become an official member of the AWS community. Being a member of the AWS community allows you to have forums, meetings and discussions. On these occasions, you will be able to share your ideas, thoughts and expertise with other AWS Certified Solutions architects and professionals in your area of specialty. Not only will you be able to share your thoughts, you will also be able to provide insight to others who may be following your career path. In essence, this certification opens up a world of opportunities for those with specialized skills in areas like finance, supply chain management, engineering and other areas.

You will also have access to resources that are tailored just for the AWS Certified architect certification. Some of these resources include scripts and case studies that can help you understand the concepts that are covered in the exam. AWS Web Analytics is another service that can help you better understand the requirements of the certification and how to create relevant test cases.

The time spent studying to get this certification is going to be less than the time spent on most traditional IT certifications. However, this does not mean that you will have easy sailing after you pass the exam. You will still have to keep up with your studies. When you get certified by AWS, you will need to have ongoing support from AWS as part of your support responsibilities. You can continue to use the same tools that you are currently using for managing your AWS resources without having to get a new license.

With AWS certification, you can also gain an added advantage when working in the open source community. Many people who are building web services for enterprises have started out working on their own. If they are working on something for their own business, they are not going to be able to get the full picture until they have had some success in the industry. There is a great deal of collaboration that takes place in the open source community. Being able to leverage your certification will give you a leg up when working with other professionals in your industry.

AWS offers many different options when it comes to their storage services. Many customers look to AWS for their main data storage needs. When you are an AWS Certified architect, you have a leg up when it comes to finding jobs because you already know the most popular tools for handling the cloud. You can also benefit your employment prospects by getting additional training on newer tools and techniques that you can use to help clients manage their storage needs more effectively. The AWS mission is to empower businesses to reap the benefits of new technologies. By becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, you can show that you are capable of using cutting edge technology to make the most of your business’s resources.