Adobe Illustrator CC has been one of the most popular vector-based design applications for many years. It can be used for a variety of print, web and vector illustration applications. The application can be integrated with other applications such as Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Adobe Illustrator CC is no longer supported on Apple Macintosh Computers. Although Adobe has provided a free download version of the software, it still requires a license to use on Macs.

There are many Adobe Illustrator CC support resources on the Internet. Many of these provide tutorials and guides on using the application. There are also online demo programs available for the application. These provide a sneak peek at what the program is like.

One of the features in the program that makes it easy to create vector illustrations is the built in palette tool. The palette makes it easy to change colors without having to switch from one tool to another. You can also edit shapes by selecting them and then changing the properties of the tool in the palette tab. Some of the basic properties that can be modified include color, size, position and blend modes.

The toolbar allows you to group several tools together and label them for easy identification. This allows you to quickly access the tools that are necessary for creating a particular illustration. A toolbar can be modified by selecting new toolbars or modifying existing toolbar. The size and position of the toolbar can also be changed. In addition, you can change the layout of the toolbar by dragging and dropping items into it.

One of the most useful tools in the Illustrator CC application is the AutoShape tool. This tool allows you to automatically generate straight, curved, and irregular shapes from the various data that you enter. This includes measurements and existing shapes.

You can also use AutoShapes to automatically adjust the size and shape of objects in a drawing. For example, you can add a circle to a square. You can change the size and shape of the circle by using the AutoShape tool. You can also modify the size and position of the circle by dragging it around the picture. The tool can also be used to automatically make an ellipse. This tool works well for creating wide areas or tight areas.

Another useful feature of Adobe Illustrator CC is the pattern tool. The pattern tool allows you to automatically apply a specified pattern to any bit of text or artwork in the CC. To use the tool, click on the pattern you want to apply. This will then prompt you to enter a specific number of stitches. Once you click the Enter key, the pattern will automatically be drawn onto your selected text or artwork.

While Adobe Illustrator CC has many useful features, there are a few minor things that might make using these tools a little inconvenient. One of these is the inability to select different tools by clicking on the name of the tool. You had to scroll to the tool’s label to select it. This minor annoyance can easily be fixed with the use of third party application tools.