Know About Certified Government Auditing Professionals

Know About Certified Government Auditing Professionals
Certified Government Auditing Professional or CGAP is one of the most sought after certifications by the government service sector. This is because the certification offers a wide range of benefits. A certified government auditor (CGI) has to be a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or AICPA or other appropriate regulatory body. Members of these associations are entitled to receive the CGAP certification. It is offered on the first year of business as an associate degree.

In addition, the members of these associations need to have a minimum of five years of experience in government auditing and three years of experience as an assistant to a government auditor. The certification is relevant even for the part-time auditors. One advantage of CGAP is that it is recognized in almost all the countries including US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. The certification does not need reexamination. However, there are times that the certification needs to be re-certified, which could be a process.

There are some requirements that are specific to the United States and the requirements are different to other countries. The certified public accountants or CGAP need to pass a separate certification exam for the examination conducted by the GAAP or Financial Accounting Standards Board. In this examination, the auditors will be asked to present their reports in line with the guidelines and regulations specified by the accounting standards board. It is a two-stage certification exam.

There are a number of advantages of getting a certified Government Auditing Professional. The certification proves that the individual has a thorough knowledge about auditing. It gives a boost to the individual’s career. It can open doors of opportunity, increase self confidence and enhance communication skills. It can help in finding better jobs and enhances pay scales. A certification proves that the certified public accountant has gone through comprehensive financial accounting training and has undergone rigorous examination.

Individuals with a certification need not retest annually as the certificate expires after a period of six years. It would be advisable to maintain a certification. This would ensure that the certified public accountants are properly equipped to handle audits. With a certification, the certified government auditing professionals are eligible for higher paying jobs and may even be eligible for promotions. Also, it increases the individuals chances of being hired by auditing companies.

There are a number of individuals who need certified public accounting services but are unable to get them as they lack the certification. This is because of the fact that not all certified public accountants have gone through comprehensive auditing training. Therefore, there are organizations that provide these services who certify the individuals before offering the certification certificate. These organizations ensure that the individuals go through a comprehensive training course and also take part in a certification exam.

Individuals should not rely on self-certification. Instead, individuals should seek certification from the CGAP. Self-certifications will not qualify you for any vacancies. The certification exam is given after successful completion of an approved training program. Individuals should apply to the certified public accountant organization before seeking certification.

There are many organizations that offer certified government auditing certification. The organizations also offer certification exams for those who do not have a certification. The certification exam helps professionals gain respect in the industry and help them get jobs in the financial accounting sector.

A certified public accountant with a CGAP certification can work for different types of auditing. Certified public accountants who have a CGAP certification are allowed to audit government agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses. There is a specific law for government auditing which states that only members of the CGAP must hold the certification. Therefore, if one does not have the certification, they cannot become a certified public accountant.

It is important to look for a professional who is certified by the GAP. Auditing professionals with a GAP certification are eligible to apply for Federal Government positions. Other professionals who work with the Government have to be licensed with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). These professionals can obtain a license to practice but not certified by the GAP.

There are a number of online sources where you can find certified government auditing professional. These online resources to help you find certified government auditing certificate that suits your needs. They provide information about the requirements that you need to meet in order to apply for the certification. The online resources also help you to compare the rates of certified public accountants who have the same certification as yours.