A CISA certification is issued by the Central Intelligence Agency for those individuals who have served in the CIA. A candidate is expected to have passed both the written and oral exams and then be well versed in the subject matter. Some of the things that will come up are foreign language skills and experience working in a CIA office. The CISA certification is one of the most prestigious and it’s a requirement for high level jobs in government. For those who are not satisfied with their current field, this certification could be the jump start they need to go into the world of CIA agent.

The CISA certification is offered online, so those who don’t want to sit through the traditional classroom sessions can take the exam at any time that works for them. Many people also find it beneficial because it tests their thinking skills. The thinking skills are especially important when it comes to foreign languages. When a person goes to a foreign country and doesn’t speak or understand the language they may make mistakes. This certification exams offer proof that you can handle the language if you ever are placed in that situation.

Another benefit of taking the CISA certification exam is that if your company needs an in-house auditor they don’t need to spend the money on training an in-house CISA consultant. These exams can help contractors or business managers get the necessary certifications so they can fulfill their responsibilities. Some employers have told their CISA consultants to go ahead and get certified even if they haven’t worked in the CIA.

Once certified, your services will be required on a daily basis. You will be expected to do analysis, reviews and warnings. It’s your job to review what your CIA contact is doing and let them know if something isn’t adding up. If they are unsure about anything, it’s your duty to let them know. This will allow them to make any necessary changes to ensure that everything is going along smoothly. Your main focus is to watch over the CIA contacts everyday to make sure they are doing what they should be doing.

The cost to become certified as an internal cleaner is minimal compared to the experience you will gain. The actual course work normally takes between three to four months of intense study. Once you complete the course, you will take a written final examination which consists of multiple choice questions based on your chosen topic. Once you pass this test, you will get your certification. The certification exams don’t count towards advancement within the CIA; however it does earn you a nice little bit of extra experience for when you apply for jobs elsewhere.

A couple of other benefits to getting your CISA certification are the networking opportunities it opens up you will have with other professionals in the field. You will have a better opportunity to be hired at a greater rate once you have your certificate. You will also find that employers are more apt to hire someone with a CISA certification. They will see you as more capable of handling their work than someone without it.

Getting a CISA certification is not easy. It is a tough exam and it is not designed for people who know nothing about anything. If you are interested in becoming a certified internal auditor, it is best to have some real world experience under your belt. There are plenty of internships at CIA headquarters and in various other locations across the country. It would also be a good idea to work as a clerk in an accounting office or in the office of a CISA certified auditor.

The CISA certification exam is administered every four years and is based on an identical set of standards and scoring guidelines as those used by the American Board of Criminal Intelligence (ABDI). The only real difference between the exams administered in the United States and overseas is the standards. Once you pass the exam, you will be certified as an internal CIA agent. If you have not already joined the agency, it is probably time to do so!