How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Construction Manager?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Construction Manager?
The Certified Construction Manager (CMC) recognizes qualified professionals who have elected a career in construction management and willingly met the minimum educational requirements of that particular construction management certification course with regards to practical experience, formal education and proven ability and knowledge of specific job related duties. The CMC then assigns them either an advanced degree or a certificate to recognize them as a certified professional with an earned graduate certificate. Those individuals then can work at any place of their choosing within the construction field. However, there is one major exception to this, which is currently being tested by the U.S. Department of Defense with regard to their High Technology Manufacturing Lab.

Some HFT managers are self-employed, while others have contracts with contractors for a certain period of time. The contracts for these construction managers may require them to work at a certain time, under specific supervision from the Contractor. Under such supervision, the Certified Construction Manager will have direct access to all material and sub-contract information for any given construction project. This information is typically communicated via computer software installed on-site. If there are any concerns, questions or concerns about how to properly use a material or sub-contract information, then the Construction Manager needs to be able to relay this information and explanations to the Contractor. Otherwise, that particular contractor could lose out on some very important business, potentially compromising the success of a construction project.

There are several routes to become a certified construction manager, and each path has its own set of requirements and prerequisites. However, some of the general requirements to become a CTM include: a Bachelor’s degree, which are a minimum of three years of study at an accredited university; a state issued Business License to operate in that state; and three years of specialized experience working as a Certified Professional Mechanical Engineer (CPME) or equivalent on a construction site. Some states also require completion of a certification training program in addition to all of the above requirements.

Once you meet all of these requirements, the next step is to take an examination to become certified. These examinations can be taken at local colleges, community colleges, technical schools or online. Most community colleges and technical schools offer the exam that is used by most construction managers. Online courses are available through the Department of Labor, but many employers only hire a Certified Professional Mechanical Engineer who has taken and passed the necessary test. These tests are administered twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.

After becoming a Certified Construction Manager, your work experience requirements change, but they are generally not dramatically different than what you would have had if you were just starting out as a CTM. The most common now is a one or two year construction site certification program. These programs provide you with the knowledge, information and skills that are required for the job. After passing the course, you will be given an examination and given the official certification to show that you have passed.

If you want to continue learning and becoming a Certified Construction Manager, you may decide to take more classes to gain further knowledge and skills. Many states require that you obtain a second two-year degree in the field. The second year degree typically focuses on a specific aspect of the CTM job. There are some general subjects that will be taught in these classes such as communication and leadership. At the completion of your second two year degree, you will be required to sit for the certification exam. This is usually done through the State Employment Commission.

Some states allow for continuing education credits to be transferred. These credits can be applied to obtain your master’s degree or any other certifications that may be needed. A few employers in the construction industry prefer to see someone who has the knowledge and experience to be a Certified Construction Manager. To be sure about your state requirements, contact the Department of Labor.

In most cases, an associate’s degree is not going to be enough to become a Certified Construction Manager. Typically, it takes four years or more for someone with an associate’s degree to attain a certification. Some employers are willing to accept an associate’s degree as long as it is completed and applied for. By working your way through a construction company’s system from apprentice through to becoming a manager, you can achieve your dream of a career in the construction industry.