The CEN has been around for a long time. They are the only recognized Emergency Nurse Registry in the entire United States. The CEN offers national certification in over 150 different fields of medical assistance including everything from Trauma to Cardiology and on up to Pediatric. A great benefit to choosing CEN training is that it does not cost much, and many students find that they can complete the course on their own time through online classes or correspondence courses. It is an affordable way to be a certified EMT or paramedic.

If you are looking for work, especially in emergency medicine or trauma setting, you will want to consider taking CEN courses to get your certification. There are plenty of hospitals and medical centers that hire EMTs, but the demand for them is increasing. Nurses are also needed in many different areas. Many people choose to open their own emergency room, so if you are interested in being a nurse, you could do a CEN course in nursing to get your certification. A great way to see if this would be something for you is to contact the American Association of Colleges of Emergency Nurses and ask them if you are eligible.

If you are already a nurse, or plan to be one, it can be very helpful to take a CEN course. You can get great skills, working side by side with emergency and medical staff in a medical facility. This is a good career choice for people who have already taken CNA training, as well. Some of the coursework will also cover things such as anatomy, pharmacology and other medical topics. You will need to have some background in English for online courses.

There are a lot of benefits to getting a CEN certification. Not only is it a great credential to have, but having it will help you get higher paying jobs. Many emergency room personnel are paid on commission, which means that you may have to pay more than a job would pay without certification. Others are salaried and get a fixed salary. Either way, you will have high starting salaries and opportunities to advance as you work for many different companies.

Another benefit is that you will get specialized training that can only come from CEN. For example, you can get training in both oncology and critical care. This can be very helpful if you ever plan to go into surgery or start doing research in a research lab.

CEN is a great course to complete if you already have a CNA certificate. You will not lose it by taking this course. However, it will give you the opportunity to specialize in a particular medical area.

The courses offered through CEN are similar to those of many other schools, although some of the materials are more advanced. For example, all of the courses will include information about anatomy and physiology. It will help you learn about how hospitals operate and what the clinical requirements are for each specific field of medicine. The courses will also provide you with a chance to gain experience in on the job training and hands-on field work.

It’s possible to study online for CEN certification. If you prefer to study at home, there are many websites available that offer courses. There are even CEN-approved books you can borrow from your local library. You may also want to join a local nursing academy to get CEN certification quickly. This will allow you to be ready to take the certification exam upon completion. Whether you choose to go to a traditional campus program or take an online route, you can quickly become a Certified Nurse Assistant and provide high quality patient care.