Finding Jobs in the Cloud

Finding Jobs in the Cloud
The AWS (aws, web services certification training) certification is a must for all prospective Amazon web service expert and developer to penetrate into the e-business market. By obtaining this Amazon certification, an individual will be able to effectively demonstrate his knowledge on AWS technology and its functionality. With AWS certification, individuals will be able to master all aspects of AWS architecture and operations. This will then enable him to effectively perform the most critical activities related to the business of E-Business.

When one is certified by AWS, it also opens the door to earning higher and better compensation. For example, AWS offers a lot of benefits to those who become certified professionals. One such benefit is the ability to command higher compensation as compared to others. The certified professionals are typically at a higher level in the organization and hence have a lot more opportunities and responsibilities. It is also easier to climb the career path in case you are a professional with the certification as compared to those without.

With a comprehensive training and a thorough examination under way, an individual will be able to know what to expect in the examination. If you wish to make it big in the industry, then you need to possess a strong knowledge and skill set. Online training and certified exams are the two main ways to enhance your professional level and enhance your knowledge about the various aspects of the industry. Both of these are essential to penetrate into the competitive market as an Associate Professional with AWS. In order to perform well on the exam, you will need to have:

The two topics that will be covered in the exam are: infrastructure and software. The topics are highly relevant and directly relate to the exam content. We will look into each of them in detail below. Infrastructure refers to the basic infrastructure that is needed for running an online application. For instance, the operating system, database and web server. Software refers to the specific applications hosted on the cloud such as theaws platform, Jira, ZenCart and many more.

Once you have understood the basic infrastructure, it is now time to look into the skills needed to use the cloud platform. As discussed, the topics that will cover here are crucial since the topics will determine the course material to be covered on the exam. We will cover the following skills sets: Programming, Data mining, Design and architecture. As you can see, even though this information is not critical to the success of your career, it is a prerequisite for the AWS certification. It means that if you want to achieve success in this industry, you need to have the skill set required to handle the software and the infrastructure challenges.

As previously stated, an Associate’s level will suffice to start up a small business and to get jobs in the IT industry. In this scenario, the topics of the certification will not be as critical as the data mining and design which will help you find work especially when you are still at the novice stage. On the other hand, if you already have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, then you can focus your attention to the data mining and architecture areas. However, as you go forward, the topics will become more relevant to the professional profile. This is where the importance of the AWS certification becomes evident and the average salary starts to rise.

The main problem is that most people do not understand that you can actually get certified while still at the novice stage in the web services industry. This is where the real money is. If you have the experience and the skill set, then you can go back to school and get certified for two years. You still have to pass the exams though. After two years of learning, you should have the right professional profile in order to start making money in the industry. As we said earlier, the Cloud Foundry and Data Mining areas are less competitive and therefore you do not have to worry about this area.

If you have the necessary experience and the skill set, then you can still get the job done at the low end of the scale and therefore pay the low Amazon AWS Certification Salary. However, it is also very important to note that even though the salary might seem low, it is because you have the required expertise. Many companies prefer to hire someone with a fresh set of skills and an established track record. In addition, having the right skills will help you find the right jobs. Thus, when you are looking at the average salary for the different roles in the IT industry, you should also keep in mind the importance of getting certified.