Event Planning Certifications

Event Planning Certifications
Event planning certifications are earned when you pass an exam given by a professional association of event planners. Usually, these certifications are a combination of education and experience, but some associations will give you a degree as well. These certifications are taken very seriously by most employers. They look for people who have been certified by the IAEA (International Association of Event Planners) and IAEB (International Association of Business Event Planners). This shows that you have completed a level of training that qualifies you for this particular job.

Event planning certifications usually compare education and experience, but there are other things that are looked at as well. Usually, when you take education courses, the focus is on event planning management. Therefore, if you want to get a job as a manager of events, then you will need to complete a degree in event marketing and management.

Event planners and event managers all have a number of responsibilities. The main job of these professionals is to plan and manage events. They coordinate with the staff and volunteers, make decisions about budget, plan the entire event from the beginning, and ensure that it goes smoothly from beginning to end. Many event planners and event managers also work part time for a company as a special consultant. The job description of a consultant in this field may be slightly different from the job description of a full-time event planner or manager.

Many professionals in the event planning certification field work with individuals and companies. Some of the jobs they might do include working as freelancers, contractors, members of a company’s HR department, and even working for the government. These professionals also hold employment with universities, community colleges, hotels and resorts, corporate organizations, and private residences. In many cases, the professionals work with schools and museums. This means they might give presentations at schools or museums.

There are some requirements that professionals in event planning certifications must meet. First, they must be United States citizens. Second, they must pass the CCNA or CCNP Accreditation Exams. Third, they must pass the MCSE or Microsoft Project Manager certifications. These are the most common certification exams, but there are also MCSE Rave or Blue Web certifications, as well as other certifications. These are just some of the requirements because the standards for certification vary from one certification to another.

After completing an approved course in event management, individuals can get accredited by participating in a short internship program. If the individual already holds a job and wishes to get a certification, they might need to pay for their exam fee. The fee covers the certification and application materials. Individuals who want to pay for their exam fee can find a list of companies willing to accept their application.

Some of the courses are web-based, meaning that the individual can access them at home. Others are scheduled to be complete in a few days, although it varies from company to company. Most of the online courses require that the person is enrolled in the class and have an active e-mail address before they will receive their certification card.

An exam fee is required of all individuals who wish to become certified. Those who do not have a credit history may still get certified, but they will pay the same as those with a credit history. There are also companies out there that provide free training for those who have never been board certified. It is possible to learn everything that needs to be known about being an event planner and getting certified from such a company.