The Certified Meeting Professional certification is a must-have, especially for planners, design specialists and strategists who wish to show their professionalism to clients, peers and employers. However, the exam is quite challenging, and many meeting professionals who wish to pass it, have to prepare extensively in various ways such as skills gap analysis, self-studying and requirements for preparation and training courses. This is the reason why many meeting professionals are looking for online resources that can help them prepare for this test easily. However, with so many resources available, choosing the best one can be daunting.

So, what are some of the important features of a credible online venue that offers a comprehensive course in preparing for this exam? Below, you will find some of the best practices for preparing for Certified Meeting professional exam. These are definitely worth-reading and should really help you pass your exam:

Online Content: There are plenty of websites that offer complete courses on Certified Meeting professional designation preparation. Most of these sites, however, only offer a limited amount of information that doesn’t really go into depth on the topic. While these sites are great if you need quick answers, it is highly recommended that you choose a comprehensive website that offers thorough information and detailed step-by-step instruction. It is also recommended that you only consider getting certifications from accredited institutions and websites.

Live Exams: Before taking the exam, candidates must make sure they have read all the materials and took a practice exam so that they can fully prepare themselves for the real thing. Candidates should also practice asking questions on different types of scenarios. They must also thoroughly understand each section of the exam such as Concepts, Techniques, Processes and Planning. Once they have studied and understood the content, candidates must be prepared to answer the examiner questions. Most of these examinations are hands-on with no paper-based or electronic aids.

Continuing Education Credits: Candidates who successfully passed the examination and obtained CME credits must continue to take refresher training every year. This is required by law. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies or the Accrediting Bureau of Management and Professional Services require that the individuals who successfully obtained the CME designation or the equivalent receive re-certification every two years or before they retire. Candidates who then fail to complete the requirements will lose their certification. Failure to maintain your certification may cause you to lose your license to become an event manager.

Practice Exam: Candidates who successfully passed the examination but failed to obtain CME credits needed to renew their certification must practice for at least six months before they take the exam again. They will need to study for a total of 24 hours. They will not be allowed to study or practice on the actual exam. The exam is based on the knowledge and skills that you have accumulated throughout your career. Candidates who study and pass the exam are not guaranteed to obtain CME certification. You must complete the requisite number of hours in order to be successful in passing the exam.

Study Group: Candidates who successfully obtained the CME designation but failed to obtain a CPE designation or renewal of their certification must participate in a study group. Study groups offer a unique opportunity to learn and improve your career objectives while working with others who are also pursuing similar career goals. Learning how others work and what to expect during the examination process will help you to succeed in the exam. Study groups are usually held once a year and most often at the same time each year.

Test-Takers: To increase your chances of passing the exam, preparation is essential. It is recommended that you take several practice tests before attending the actual test. Taking practice tests can give you a feel for the types of questions you will face on the exam. The Certified Meeting professional test is administered by The Association for Meeting Professionals. These meetings are nationally recognized and provide an excellent forum for sharing ideas, experiences, and solutions to meeting related concerns.