Becoming a Certified Construction Manager Requires Four Years of Education and Experience

Becoming a Certified Construction Manager Requires Four Years of Education and Experience
A certified construction manager normally comes right on top of an existing construction supervisor. They too perform the same jobs on a commercial construction site but with taking additional specialized training, a certified construction manager assumes a higher-level role than an ordinary construction supervisor. One who is a certified construction manager is considered to be in charge of a whole team, and is in charge of their performance, oversight, and operation. They are in charge of people like electricians, plumbers, inspectors, and many other types of specialists. The construction project manager is also a supervisor as well as an owner and has the power to make final decisions on what needs to be done on the site.

With this kind of status, it’s pretty obvious that a person with this kind of education and training would have tons of job opportunities available. So how does one become a certified construction manager? Becoming a certified construction manager requires at least a bachelor’s degree followed by several years of relevant experience under their belt. Some states require further professional development on top of this requirement, which will help boost an individual’s success rate. Some states only require continuing education credit, which might help if you‘re already licensed but wouldn’t really be necessary for a career change.

Some state licensing boards even have specific experience requirements as listed in their own regulations. Other states, however, do not have any official experience requirements and are simply looking for a bachelor’s degree in non-professional areas. Whatever your state requires, make sure you understand their certification exam requirements because the exams vary from state to state. Your best bet is to contact a professional development consultant so you can be sure you’re doing everything you need to get approved for the certification exam.

Once you receive your certification, you’ll need to take the CCDM exam and pass it with a certain grade in order to become certified. If you plan to work as a supervisor or project manager after certification, you’ll need additional training. Once you complete the certification, however, you’ll have a great number of job openings to choose from. The CCDM exam is the beginning, and continued education will help ensure you stay on top of the ever-changing construction industry. If you want to continue learning about construction management and keep up with the latest trends, find an industry-specific career center and enroll in classes.

Many people assume that it takes four years to earn a CCDM, but there are actually two different requirements for becoming certified. The actual exam requires a passing score on both the theory and practical portions of the exam. While the bachelor’s degree requirements are different from the actual CCDM exam, all construction managers must also complete a formal education before they can apply for certification. If you are working in the construction field but have not received formal education, you may be able to work towards earning your CCDM with the assistance of an accredited educational program.

When searching for a CCDM certification program, make sure you research the options offered at each school. There are also several options for accredited online programs. There are several different colleges that offer accredited online programs that will prepare you for your certification exam. Choose a program that allows you to gain the skills you need to successfully complete the certification program.

There are also two different exams that are offered by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. The first is the NCCA Green Associate Exam and the second is the National Association for Construction Education. Both of these exams conform to the same general criteria and test various aspects of your knowledge related to construction management. The NCCA green associate exam is performed between May and June of each year. On the other hand, the National Association for Construction Education exam is usually held between late spring and early summer.

Once you have earned your certification, you will be required to take a practice exam that measures your knowledge on the basic skills necessary to perform the job. You will need to pass this exam in order to work as a construction management expert. After passing the exam, you will be mailed your National Contractor Registration Card (NCCER). This card contains a number that is unique to your institution. Your card should then be presented at your next work site. If you fail the exam, you will not be allowed to work as a member of the institution’s construction management team.