Today, most enterprises need people who possess Amazon Web Services certification from a highly reputable and prestigious educational institute. Such certification and training to help people properly develop and verify cloud computing skills in order for organizations to make more of the use of the cloud to its maximum potential. Therefore, the educational institutions that provide such training programs are very much in demand. However, the problem is how to get certification and what kind of courses are available on the subject. We have taken the liberty of examining the most effective courses on the subject and have also provided a brief comparison of all the said courses in this article.

Amazon Web Services certification training is a course designed by AWS, which is one of the biggest cloud computing providers in the world today. Such a program makes use of a comprehensive methodology for helping students comprehend how and why AWS works as a platform for businesses. Moreover, it gives students an insight of the tools, which are available for use in an enterprise-wise manner through AWS. As per AWS website, training in AWS can help in understanding different facets of the entire cloud computing ecosystem including its operations, development, deployment, management and security aspects.

AWS certification is usually provided to those who have passed the professional level exam offered by AWS. While there is no expert exam available for the general population, the AWS exam is offered to professionals like developers, technical analysts, managers, auditors and other specialized professionals. The exam is not meant for the layman and it is specifically meant for professionals who can work as architects, system engineers, system managers, business intelligence analysts, product designers and so on. Once the candidates successfully pass the exam, they become AWS certified, which means they are already equipped with skills and knowledge in using the tools, which are provided by the platform. To gain such certification, students will need to undergo a comprehensive training.

In order to get the certification, candidates can either take the exam online or attend regular classes hosted by accredited schools or colleges. The exams for both the online and the classroom courses are given in a similar fashion but there are certain key differences. The two types of exams follow the same basic structure of multiple choice and theory based questions, which test not only the candidates’ analytical and logical skills but also their business acumen and customer care skills.

In order to become certified as an AWS specialist, one needs to successfully complete the exam. The exam covers topics such as basic architecture of AWS, how AWS works, how to use its APIs, how to build applications using the AWS APIs, data modeling and deploying the application, troubleshooting techniques, how to monitor the health of cloud services and how to create a troubleshooting plan. The exam also covers some of the advanced topics like data cleansing, real time visualization tools and APIs, S3-based API management and AWS API security. These exams test the candidates’ technical skills and application knowledge along with their business acumen.

AWS Architect certification is a combination of AWS and architecting skills. The training course includes both the theoretical and practical portions of the course. The first part of the training course focuses on topics such as architecture of AWS. The topics cover the basics of cloud computing, application design fundamentals, designing tools and their usage, managing infrastructure, testing framework and deployment strategies. The second part of the training course provides detailed information about AWS APIs and the usage of these APIs.

The second portion of the certification focuses on real life implementation details. Candidates who successfully complete the exam get a certification which has a very high job role on average salary. The AWS certification is granted after passing an exam which assesses the candidate’s understanding of the topic. There are many professionals who prefer to obtain this certification to increase their chances of landing jobs in large organizations and corporations like Amazon.

Amazon Web Services certification proves to employers that the candidate has the skill set required for solving the organization’s technological problems. The course also provides the candidate with the conceptual knowledge of cloud computing as well as advanced technical skills. The candidates who successfully complete the exam get a credential that has a great job role on average salary.