Application Fee For Certification Program

Application Fee For Certification Program
The Society for Human Resource Management, Inc. (SHRM) was established in 1984 as a professional association of employers, HR professionals and other interested individuals who seek certification. The certifications are issued by the Society for twelve regional certification exams. There are two levels for certification; one is the Associates level and the other is the Certified Supervising Professional or CSP. The first level of certification is achieved by taking one of the exams for the particular human resources field that is being studied.

To know what the cost of certification would be, let us have a look at the structure of SHRM. The organization consists of seventy-five organizations in thirty-nine regions in thirteen states in the United States of America. These are organized into eleven regional committees. The member organizations are charged with the responsibility of developing and maintaining their own certification programs. The SHRM also has its own development and planning division, comprised of a group of dedicated counselors.

This is why it is important to know what SHRM does it well? The members of SHRM-CP undergo extensive training. The program involves both classroom and practical sessions. On the final examination, candidates have to answer an outstanding amount of questions under time constraints. Candidates who pass the exam earn a certificate that qualifies them to become certified and registered as a Senior Professional. This credential can be of immense benefit to anyone seeking employment in the human resources or HR department of a company.

If you are an employer seeking to hire someone in the HR department to boost up productivity, increase profitability, and improve the quality of services and products that your company offers, then you should consider becoming certified by the SHRM. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before applying for certification. For one, you need to know whether the certification that you will be getting from the SHRM-CP qualifies you for the job or not. The certification only serves as a stepping stone if you want to apply for an executive position in a multinational company. If you want to get employed as a Senior Professional in the human resource department of a company, then the certification is more than enough.

There are three engineering certifications that are offered by the SHRM-CP:

The first of these three engineering certifications is the SHERP. The SHERP certification is given to those people who have passed and undergone the board certified clinical research certificate cost analysis training (CCRT). These exams are given every four years and the CCRT costs one thousand dollars. If you are a student who wishes to sit for the exams, then you need to make sure that you have already undergone the training.

The next certification that is offered by the SHRM-CP is the certification of engineering information systems (EAI). This is a three hour certification, which requires a passing score of eighty percent on the exam. The final certification is known as the SHERP clinical information specialist (CHIS) certification and it is also a three hour course. To sit for this exam, you need to pay a fee of three hundred dollars.

In order to apply for the application fee discounts, you need to ensure that you do not use the application fee for purchasing the textbooks. You can apply for the discount either online or at the local office of the SHRM. If you buy the textbooks online, then you may need to pay an extra application fee because you cannot sit for the exams using the books. The certificate cost of certification: SHERP is twenty dollars for each certification. These are the basic application fee costs and they do not include the other costs that are associated with the certification.