Amazon Web Services certification is the foundation of a successful professional career in the internet technology field. It makes a distinction between an information technology specialist (IT) and an information technology administrator (ITA). It is a way of identifying one’s technical skill on Amazon’s enterprise platform. Amazon Web Services certification training will help people build and validate their cloud computing skills so companies can take advantage of the cloud at its fullest. Professional faculties and instructors at the different Amazon Web Services certification training institute are constantly updated with all the latest Amazon web cloud updates so as to enable students to have seamless learning. Most IT professionals who have had experience in other certification programs will find this one easy because the topics are straight forward, the exams are easy and the certification is recognized globally.

To become an accredited Associate in Amazon Web Services you will need to complete four exams which are offered throughout the year. These exams include the basic certification, the master certification and the specialist certifications. Upon completion of these four exams you will be deemed as an eligible candidate to sit for the Amazon Web Services certification exam

After completion of these four exams you will be able to sit for the first examination. This is known as the certification examinations for the first service areas. If you pass this examination you will be declared certified as an eligible candidate to sit for the second examination. On completion of the second examination you will become a certified associate degree holder in Amazon Web Services.

The two certification exams are designed to test your skills in using Amazon’s cloud services. There are many benefits that come with these certifications. As it allows you to gain experience working in the actual business setting and also gives you an opportunity to have a glimpse of the actual tools and applications that are used by a professional Amazon employee. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to make a name for yourself in the virtual world.

The certification exam is divided into two parts. The first part is known as the Technology Services Branch (TSB) certification exam. This exam includes four distinct areas of technical skills. These include software development, data flow, system management and deployment. This is the second phase of the Amazon Web Services certification training.

The third area of expertise covers application development. A candidate wishing to become a leading cloud solutions provider needs to demonstrate their technical skills in developing hybrid software using both desktop and server-based solutions. The leading providers use a combination of technologies to provide a simple and straightforward user interface to their clients. Amazon is the largest service platform in the world according to Gartner, so it only makes sense for them to require strong technical skills of their solution architects.

The final part of the exam is known as the Solutions Associate certification exam. It is composed of seven sub-topics which include data models, cloud computing, networking, mobile devices and security. The Solutions Associate exam is meant to test the candidates’ ability to build a robust and scalable network application using a variety of clouds including Amazon Web Services. To become an AWS certified solution architect, a candidate has to pass this exam along with the other AWS certification exams.

As you can see, becoming a AWS solution architect associate certification can be very lucrative as compared to the other certifications. By securing these positions, you will be able to command a higher salary as well as a more attractive working environment. So what are you waiting for? If you want to be on top of the game, then consider getting certified in one of these leading solutions. Your luck today could change tomorrow!