If you are looking for a career change or simply want to upgrade your employment skills to a higher level, then consider SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources. The United States Department of Labor sets the SPHR certification exam, which tests the professional knowledge and abilities of individuals seeking employment in the Human Resources arena. The certification exam is challenging, but well worth the effort for the benefit of some increase in pay you will enjoy. Many graduates seek employment with larger companies first, while others work as associates with smaller companies and work from home on the Internet. But no matter where you choose to work, the skills and knowledge you gain from the certification exam will help you later when applying for jobs, or just in your job hunting efforts.

The United States Department of Labor offers two exams to qualify for SPHR certification. The first, the Professional Development in Human Resources and Employee Development course is offered to employees who have been working in the field for at least one year. This is an easy and quick test that covers the most frequently required information about the career field. Upon successful completion of the test, you will be mailed your SPHR certification card.

The second test is the SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources Examination, which is often taken by those who have recently graduated from an accredited program and are looking for their first job. Although this is a difficult test, it is only four hours long and can be done in one day at the testing center. The test covers topics that include understanding management styles, communicating effectively, motivating employees, supervising employees, managing productivity, and more. Once you have passed the test, you will receive your SPHR certification card.

When you are trying to find a job or increase your earning potential, it is imperative that you have the skills and knowledge necessary for the job. Many employers may look at your resume and think you are qualified for the position, but if you do not have the proper certification, it may be overlooked. Obtaining certification shows your employer that you are dedicated to your work and take your work seriously. Even though you may be making a substantial salary, you may be paid less than your peers simply because of the difference in your skills. By taking the SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources course, you will be showing your employer that you are serious about your career and have received adequate training.

As a supervisor, you may be involved with many different aspects of the company. You may be the person responsible for training and developing new employees, training them in the specific areas of your company, handling customer service calls, and working with the other departments. If you have leadership skills, you may be very beneficial to a company as a leader. You will be able to take orders from a patient or a client and delegate tasks according to your priorities. By having this certification, you will be more valuable to a management company.

As a manager, you may also be required to make decisions concerning the transfer of employees or firing employees. If you have a team that works together on a daily basis, you will have a large impact on the company’s productivity. The people in your team may need direction from you. By gaining certification in SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources, you will be able to help guide your team. Your leadership skills may be needed when dealing with difficult and controversial issues.

With the certification, you will be able to help guide your employees and departments to develop and meet their career goals. You may find employment opportunities in government or in other fields after obtaining the career training. The SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources will help put you on the right path for your career.

Even though this is a fast-paced field, you will gain a lot of experience and knowledge by taking courses in SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources. The certification will also help you get higher-level positions in your career, making it easier for you to move up. As long as you are committed to your work and willing to study and train, you can become a successful employee in this field.