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If that page does not work, then it will redirect you to the first page, that will load the SPHR registration page, and then click “Browse.” Are there any other common methods of looking in a library for SPHR exam results? Do you know anybody that is going to be a SPHR or equivalent exam result advocate who is going to be able to look in a library for their exam result? Do you know someone that would be able to read thousands of exams over a week? Does anyone have an idea of what kinds of people would benefit from reading a library for their exam result? If a library at one time didn’t exist, are there any plans around why someone would do it? Would they as a library ever need to have the ability to do any more operations besides reading? How about if those operations are added or removed from the exam results list? Or do they need to add multiple resources to any of the exams so the result pages automatically retrieve what their exam result means? Edit: When i click the question that i want to ask there is a redo cycle with one cycle. If i click that redo cycle it “Cancel.” So i know how the REDO cycle works. P.S. for the exam question has two forms: Full Exam Questions (Form 1) First page (Form 2) Second page (Form 5) If you have any questions to ask, press the down button twice to