Review All Aspects Before Applying For High-Performance Building Design And Testing Certification

Review All Aspects Before Applying For High-Performance Building Design And Testing Certification
A career in High-Performance Building Design has become extremely popular in recent years. The ASHRAE provides professionals with a qualification that demonstrates their proficiency and ability in building design and construction. This highly recognized qualification can help attract the most qualified professionals to join the ranks of High-Performance Building Designers. It is the only nationally recognized HVAC profession certification exam. You will need to pass the exam to work in the field.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) provides High-Performance Building Design certification to qualified candidates that demonstrate a well-rounded understanding and appreciation of how HVAC&R construction is incorporated into high-performing building structures to achieve the overall objective of energy conservation, safety, economic development and efficiency. Candidates wishing to become an ASHRAE High-Performance engineer must first enroll in an approved training program. Upon completion of the training program candidates will be given the necessary examinations by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). After passing the examinations an individual can apply for High-Performance Certification by passing the Certified ASHRAE Engineer candidate exam.

To facilitate the examination process and ensure that each candidate receives the highest amount of examination credit, Microsoft Certified Solutions for Windows (MCS) has created a computer-based exam fee schedule. As most Microsoft products are sold on the world wide web, it is easy for potential candidates to visit the vendor’s official website and obtain a copy of the exam fee schedule. Once there candidates can examine their pricing options and determine which exam will best fit their needs. With the abundance of online and offline vendors vying for business, it is in the best interest of a potential examination candidate to carefully evaluate each vendor’s product offerings, pricing, and application process before determining which exam will best suite their needs.

Once a potential candidate has chosen a vendor for examination, they can begin researching the available programs and certifications offered by the organization. Candidates interested in becoming an American Association of Sheet Metal Contractors (ASMC) registered engineer should review the list of requirements and qualifying procedures found on the ASHScreditation/ Certification Web site. The ASHScreditation/ Certification Web site also offers application fee schedules for each certification. Another resource that an examination candidate can utilize to research potential vendors is the Contractors’ State Board. The Board offers a List of Approved Contractors that includes contact information for each contractor. Another valuable tool that a potential candidate can utilize to locate potential vendors is the American Association of Professional Engineers or AEPE.

Each state requires all licensed contractors to be certified according to their respective states requirements. Once a contractor has been confirmed as a “professional” according to their state, the individual will pay a certification application fee. Once payment is received the applicant can schedule an examination. The application fee typically covers the cost of the certification exam fee and the ASME membership fee. Once the application fee has been received by the AEPE, they will expedite the certification process.

It should be noted that there is currently a limit on the number of times an individual may take an exam for each certification. Typically, once an individual has successfully completed the certification process they are required to maintain a minimum level of certification within their organization. Candidates wishing to become a certified HVAC specialist will need to schedule three exams within two years of successful completion. Once a candidate reaches this required minimum, they will be qualified for an enrollment card.

Once a certified technician becomes eligible for enrollment they will receive an enrollment card. At this time they will be given the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment to complete the HVAC technician certification process. If a company is interested in contracting with the certified technician, they will need to provide a copy of their certification card. Individuals who are interested in becoming a certified HVAC specialist should take the time to review all of the requirements offered by their employer.

HVAC specialist certifications are not required to work in the field. Individuals who are interested in receiving these certifications should contact local HVAC contractors. In some states individuals who are interested in becoming HVAC technicians can also apply for their certification cards online. Review all of your options and research the exam fee before applying for HVAC certification.