Pursuing a Career As an AASECT Instructor

Pursuing a Career As an AASECT Instructor
American Association of Sexuality Educators (AASE) is a non-profit organization that offers sex education and counseling to people of all ages and sexual orientations. AASE offers two versions, AASET and AASPT. Both are approved by the Commission on Sexual Education and Awareness Education (CSE). Members of AASE include teachers, counselors, therapists and nurses. Some educators also participate in training seminars offered by the organization as a AASE consultant.

An AASECT qualification is provided by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, which is offered as a diploma to graduates. There is also a certificate program, AASECT Advanced Certificate Program, for therapists who want to provide comprehensive sexuality education and counseling to patients and their families. In this program, you will learn about aasces, vocation, kinesiology, anatomy, physiology and psychology. You will be prepared to impart these skills to the community.

The second option is AASECT Online Therapy. This option is for therapists who want to receive additional credits for their work while still working with their present patients. The basic requirements for taking this online course are an accredited degree, and interpersonal communication skills. When taking the course, you will use the same online resources that your regular AASect therapist uses, such as text, audio and video materials. However, in this version, you will have a private clinical setting to interact with your client.

There is also a third option for a sex coach. In this case, you would need to become certified as a sex coach by the American Association of Sexuality Educators (AASECT). Your certification will indicate that you know how to instruct others in sex therapy, Tantra, Kama Sutra and other related areas. If you have received a Master’s degree, you may continue your studies by pursuing a Doctoral degree.

In addition to taking up a degree, you will also need to complete specific credits in order to practice privately. This includes classroom work and internship. For example, if you are a sex educator who wishes to open an agency, you will need to pass the state board exam. Then you will need to register with your local school district and complete classroom work. Once you have successfully completed all of these requirements, you will be able to practice sex coaching privately.

After receiving your sex education certification, you can begin to find jobs in your area. However, you may need to wait until you are certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators before you begin looking for full-time positions. If you already work as a teacher or coach, you can take on additional online or clinical classes to advance your education further and open up new career opportunities. Many people find that the American Association of Sexuality Educators certification process is the most comprehensive and detailed curriculum available.

When you have completed your degree and are ready to become certified, you can join the AASECT organization, which offers online courses as well as live classroom training seminars. Online training allows you to receive continuing education credits while maintaining your day job. The American Association of Sexuality Educators and World Association of Sexual Health Education recognizes the value of sexually competent educators, and they are dedicated to assisting you in taking the necessary steps to be certified.

Becoming a certified sex therapist and educator opens up many rewarding career possibilities. If you are a coach, teacher, counselor, or mentor, you can use your credentials to help other students and clients. If you want to open your own private practice, offering clinical sexology or a sex coaching practice, there are specific courses you need to complete to become certified. As an educational consultant, you can provide sex counseling or a sex coaching practice to those who are looking for trained professionals to help them deal with their sexuality issues.