Is It Time For An Agile DevOps Expert?

Is It Time For An Agile DevOps Expert?
What does an Agile DevOps Expert do? They drive customers in the direction of the winning formula and teach them that winning requires winning. How does a customer get from “winning” to “winning” in an Agile project? The customer gets a methodology that drives all activities in the development lifecycle. In short, an Agile expert helps drive the outcome by applying the right technical know-how.

The Agile project management methodologies are designed to build flexibility, accelerate change, provide greater functionality, and minimize disruption. To achieve maximum gains from Agile, a business must first adopt Agile development. Once fully implemented, Agile project management needs to be continually refined based on customer demand, market conditions, and an assessment of any problems inherent in the implementation.

There are three ways for an Agile DevOps Expert to contribute to the Agile lifecycle. First, they can help identify problems before they occur. These problems can be identified through their own unique perspective or through a more generalized view as determined by their understanding of technical knowhow and community norms. When problems cannot be identified in the initial stages, the Agile team can use technical expertise to drive the solution. When problems cannot be addressed in the development phase, the Agile DevOps Expert is responsible for contributing to the solution through implementation.

The second way for an Agile DevOps Expert to contribute to the Agile lifecycle is to be an evangelist. By being an evangelist, an Agile DevOps Expert is influencing change without being involved in the process. A true evangelist is focused on motivating the change, not merely observing it. The evangelist is a force multiplier, who brings together the team, investors, and stakeholders to make a more sustainable Agile Devolution process.

Finally, the third way for an Agile DevOps Expert to deliver value is to participate and contribute actively in the sprints. Participation in sprints is highly relevant to both long-term sustainability and short-term profit. Participation in sprints ensures that the Agile Devops Team is continuously contributing to Agile developments, thus increasing its viability and increasing its value proposition. Participants in sprints benefit from the previous Agile work done by the team, which helps them better understand problems and potential hurdles ahead. They also benefit from the Agile knowledge of the customer and any previous formal training that the team has received. When sprinting, Agile consultants ensure that all concerns, questions, and requests for input are dealt with promptly and in a manner that enhances Agile’s overall health.

When people are passionate about what they do, they will act to bring about change. An Agile consultant must continually inspire people to use Agile to its fullest extent. This begins by providing information and providing the motivation necessary for adopting Agile principles and practices. Through involvement in sprints, a consultant can deliver ten books on Agile and twelve books on Agile implementation. When people feel strongly about Agile, it becomes easier to apply its principles and reap its benefits.

With a background in business development, a Software Development Management professional may well have been involved in managing a large number of software projects over the last eighteen years. This professional might be particularly familiar with two concepts: agile development and waterfall development. If so, the consultant will deliver a series of books that address these topics in a clear and concise manner.

If you have a knack for presenting complicated ideas in an accessible manner, you might make a good candidate to be an Agile DevOps Expert. You’ll need a comprehensive marketing certification and at least one additional certifications to qualify. The best way to find out if an individual fits this bill is to contact him or her to discuss your business goals, strengths and weaknesses and see if they believe in the viability of Agile to help your business. Consider researching online for potential Agile consultants. In no time at all you will have a host of qualified candidates to shortlist.