Certified Meeting Professional

Certified Meeting Professional
To become a certified meeting professional, you have to have several years of practical experience, and you have to successfully pass an examination. This examination is the only method to become an official certified meeting professional. However, it is not your only choice to raise your credentials with these meetings.

There are hundreds of certified meeting professionals in North America who earn their CMM or CMP designation, or equivalent. These planners earn a living by providing a valuable service to their employers. They earn this through the value they add to the companies that hire them for these special events. There are many advantages to becoming a CMM or CMP.

First, this is an excellent entry level position if you are just starting out in the event industry. The exams are easy to take and the certification process takes a little less than a year on average. You will earn your CMM or CMP certification at the same time as you start working. Plus, if you become an experienced event planner, you can continue to work at earning higher certifications while earning top dollar for the work you do. The pay is quite good as well, so even if you plan on being a CMM or CMP, you can earn more than enough to make it worthwhile!

The requirements to earn these certifications vary from company to company. Candidates must generally have three years of relevant experience. Those in the professional services field are required to have even more experience. If you want to earn these certifications quickly, though, you may be better off enrolling immediately, since the process tends to move rather quickly. The certifications come in three levels, with each level earning a different amount.

Candidates wishing to earn the CMM or CMP must pay the exam fee before they can begin. Some companies offer a fee based on the number of credits they require. Candidates who wish to take the exam fee are encouraged to review the guidelines for the particular field of professional development that they hope to pursue. This helps ensure that the person studying for the exam fee is focusing their efforts on those areas most likely to help them in the event planning certification that they choose. When a person plans on pursuing a CMM or CMP certification, they must complete the coursework required by the certification board in order to be awarded the credential.

Candidates who successfully complete the exam and move forward in their chosen profession should always look to maintain their credential. A professional development program offers a way for professionals to not only get additional experience but also to create the appearance of having completed the proper amount of continuing education in their field. A few years ago, companies were not as strict about holding professional development training. With the implementation of modern standards such as the CMM and CMP, employers have begun to hold candidates accountable for the amount of training they have completed and what their work experience in relation to this training and work experience reveals.

Those companies that do require a candidate to complete the exam and pass it are those that are very strict about taking a candidate through CMM or CMP training and continuing education. Candidates who do not pass these exams before obtaining the certification are not likely to be given another chance and may find it difficult to re-certify with a company that does not adhere to these stringent standards. Candidates who successfully complete the CMM or CMP preparation courses are given an official credential when they sign up. They can either work towards obtaining the next level of credential (the CMM) or move their professional development work experience forward (the CMP).

Candidates interested in learning about CMM or CMP preparation can review the information about CMM and CMP on the state licensing board’s website. There is also a lot of information on the Internet that will help potential candidates prepare for the CMM exam. The American Board of Medical Technologists provides a lot of information about the various requirements for passing and they provide an online CMM practice test. The American Institute of Certified Practical Engineers or AICTE offers a complete site with information about the exam fee, preparation fees, and sample questions. Candidates interested in learning more about CMM or CMP examination can also visit the state licensing board’s website and search for the Board’s online CMM Exam.