What is Horse Assisted Psychotherapy?

What is Horse Assisted Psychotherapy?
Are you thinking of taking the Equine Assisted Psychotherapist Certification test? The Equine Assisted Psychotherapist Certification is a specialized test that is held by the Horse Therapy Association. Many people think that this is just another horse fancied certification that can be taken to work for horses and not much more. This is actually quite far from the truth. Becoming an equine assisted psychotherapist involves a lot more than simply sitting in a stables and shooting horseflies with a shotgun.

The job of an EAGALA certified psychotherapist is far more challenging than just shooting horse flies with a shotgun. The EAGALA test is administered by the Horse Therapy Association International, an international governing body for the care and treatment of horses and other animals. There are many different areas that the EAGALA test can be given including; behavioral problems, health issues, nutritional needs, and cognitive issues. Being prepared for your examination is extremely important if you want to pass.

The first part of the test is going to be behavioral. You will have to examine yourself on the job as if you were a professional equine counselor. You are going to be asked questions such as; “When was the last time you gave the horse a treat?” “How many paddles do you use in one session?” and “Do you ever jump off the table?”

The next portion of the EAGALA test is going to be clinical. The horse behaviorists will administer the standard veterinary diagnostic procedures. These include x-rays, more math tests, heart rate, and ECG readings. They will also ask you a series of questions designed to uncover any behavioral problems. Once they determine that a problem exists they will then discuss it with you and come up with a treatment plan.

Next they will teach you how to utilize EAGALAS throughout your therapy sessions. This will include learning how to use the various tools that are available to you. This includes oils, ropes, and equipment that the equine therapists carry. They will teach you how to apply these tools safely so that you can effectively communicate with your horse.

One of the biggest benefits that a horse owner can receive from using a EAGALAS assisted psychotherapist is the communication that is enabled. When you have a horse based psychotherapy your horse will be able to communicate what he or she needs to say in a more efficient manner. They will also be able to communicate their emotions and to express themselves better through this effective means of psychotherapy. Your horse will be able to open up and speak his or her feelings, releasing those feelings and supporting you in working toward forming a new healthy relationship with your horse.

The communication problem between your horse and you can be quite complicated. This is the main reason why you should seek the best professional that you can afford to help you out with this difficult task. One of the best benefits that a horse therapist can give to you is being able to understand your horse’s needs. You need someone who understands the complexities of horses to help you out. With the help of a trained professional you can help your horse to come to terms with the changes taking place within him or her.

A successful treatment of EAGALAS psychotherapy involves a comprehensive program of physical, mental, emotional, and social adjustments for your horse. It also requires that you help your horse to adapt to the new psychotherapy approach by practicing positive reinforcement along with other training approaches. A good therapist will be able to customize a program that best suits your horse. Talk to your local equine assisted psychotherapist today about your horse’s needs!