Becoming a Certified Management Accountant

Becoming a Certified Management Accountant
Certified Management Accountant (MMA) is a specialist professional specialization that solely focuses on strategic management and accounting of organizations and businesses. It is considered as the bridge between Financial Analyst and Manager. Certified Management Accountant is preferred by many businesses and organizations, as it enables them to focus on core business activities. This specialization also lays down that a person is an expert in strategic management and accounting. He/She must have a sound knowledge in finance, risk management, economics and other related subjects that are essential for the successful running of a company or organization. There are various modes of examinations that one can take to become a certified management accountant.

Some of these certified management accountant certifications include Certified Manager-iler, Certified Manager-icer, Certified Management Accountant, and Certified Financial Report Writer. The certification exam for financial accounting involves two major parts. The first part consists of written and practical examinations. The second part consists of specialized skill test and employee practice tests.

In order to get a certification as a certified management accountant, a person needs to pass both the written and practical exams. The written exam mainly concerns with current affairs and managing businesses. On the other hand, the practical exam mainly deals with core responsibilities and functions. Candidates who hold a CMA designation may have a chance to sit for the certification exam for financial accounting at any point of time. This enables them to gain further knowledge gained during their career and also to enable them to enhance their expertise.

A candidate who has a bachelor’s degree may be able to get employed straight away. However, most companies require at least a master’s degree before offering jobs to certified management accountants. In order to be eligible for the designation of a CMA, a candidate needs to hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and work experience in financial accounting. Candidates who possess at least two years of work experience and a bachelor’s degree will also be considered by some companies.

After having a good educational background, candidates can turn their focus towards getting certified as a CMA. It is always important to keep in mind that a CMA requires completion of a minimum of six years of specialized training. This is followed by at least two years of education in a certified coaching subject. A few companies also prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in business in addition to the CMA designation. Such candidates can apply for a career path after having at least a master’s degree in business administration.

After attaining the necessary education and experience, candidates need to successfully complete a CMA designation assessment. There are two parts to this process. One, candidates must successfully complete an examination which consists of two parts; and two, they need to submit a candidate profile that includes: a complete curriculum vitae, professional qualifications and work experience, as well as a CMA certification test.

Candidates must complete the entire four-part examination. They are required to answer multiple-choice questions regarding specific subjects such as business law, corporate law, and accountant-client relationships, among others. Candidates who successfully pass the examination will receive a CMA designation which is then forwarded to the current employer. Once you have successfully completed the program, you will need to successfully complete two sets of review courses. Review courses consist of learning financial statement analysis, the accountancy b2b certification, and managerial accounting and reporting.

In order to obtain a CMA designation, a candidate must successfully complete the six-step CMA examination process. Upon successful completion of this program, candidates will have achieved what is called an externship in order to fulfill the requirements to sit for the Certified Management Accountant designation exam. Candidates who successfully receive the designation will be able to apply for open positions in the business world in many different sectors including real estate, consumer packaged goods, and health care.